The geographical location of the Datça Kazım Yılmaz Vocational School is on the Southwest part of Muğla province. The distance between vocational school and Muğla city center is 125 km (by public bus is – two and half hours, by car is – two hours). The public transportation from Muğla to Datça offers the service at 11:45, 14:45 and 17:45 including the summer and winter months. Additionally, transportation is provided as a transfer from Muğla to Marmaris and from Marmaris to Datça. Travel time from other districts to Datça is as following:

v                Marmaris: 70 km (1 Hour 20 Minutes);

v                Koycegiz 128 km (2 hours 30 minutes);

v                Dalyan 148 km (2 hours 50 min);

v                Dalaman 155 Km (3 hours);

v              ♦  Fethiye 193 km (3 hours and 40),

v              ♦  Yatağan 181 Km (3 hours 30 minutes);

v                Milas 190 Km (3 hours 50 minutes); 

v                Bodrum 231 Km (4 Hours 15 Minutes).

         The most popular accommodation option among students is renting an apartment or house due to lack of public dormitory in Datça. The apartments and houses are available as 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and the average renting price is 250 – 600 TL. The Datça Kazım Yılmaz Vocational School is 3 km away from Datça center. It takes 5-10 minutes by bus to get to destination. There is a public transportation from Datça to Eski and Reşadiye neighborhood. You can find all detailed information regarding the transportation and destination on the web page of the Datça Kazım Vocational School. 




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